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For more than ten years, Al Qaisar Machinery has been a top seller of woodworking equipment in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. All woodworkers, whether professionals, small businesses, or artisans, can benefit from full-time assistance, excellent precision, and the highest processing quality due to top-tier experts in the after-sales services sector. Delivery, installation, commissioning, initial machine configuration settings, and training are all performed by specially trained technicians, ensuring that your machine is used successfully from the very first day of use.

In Dubai's Dragon mart, we have a store. We provide support for woodworking equipment. We bring the best and most reasonably priced equipment from reputable manufacturers with a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality. Unisunx, Gongyou-Paoloni, variopress, KDT, Sicar, hollyHy, Topland, and Lazzari are just a few brands of ours. We have a wide variety of tools and accessories available, and you can purchase them all online after our experts analyze your needs and present you with new options for maximizing your output and earnings.

Humanitarian duties are always given priority at Al Qaisar Machinery. In order to maintain morality, virtue, and social responsibility, we must continue to give our clients access to trustworthy machines. We work hard to deliver trustworthy and superior products. The basis of our expansion is our client base. As a result, our team of technicians will always be accessible to help and answer questions about our products.

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Kinds of Products

Al Qaisar Machinery offers reliable and affordably cost machines like sliding table saw, thicknesser, planner, hot press machine, veneer cutting machine, veneer stitching machine etc.

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Our Factory

Our factory is well equipped for all kinds of services that help work properly on delivery, installation, and commissioning of machines. Our specially trained technicians provide strong support for you.

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Our Featured Brands

We offer the best and most reasonably priced equipment, chosen from internationally renowned brands renowned for their quality and technology. Some of our featured brands are UniSunx, Gongyou-Paoloni, VarioPress, KDT, Sicar, HollyHy, Topland, and Lazzari, etc.

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