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Table Saw

Application & Salient Features:

A table saw blade must be capable of performing a number of regular duties flawlessly, As table saws are designed to make long cuts, you may find yourself utilizing them for a variety of tasks and components. You can utilize your table saw for various jobs, especially if you have other saws on hand, such as a mitre saw or handsaw. In this situation, a table saw may be more useful for one sort of cut than another. If a mitre saw is set up to make cross-cuts, for example, (cut across a grain of the wood rather than parallel to it), a specialized rip saw blade on the table saw may be necessary.

In general, a table saw blade has the following uses: You can use this tool to make rip cuts. Woodworkers may utilize table saw blades for cross-cutting. Bevel cuts can be produced with this piece of equipment. You can create the finest groove cuts and rabbets. One may use table saw blades for dado cuts. Kerf cutting is another well-known use of table saw blades.


Dimension of sliding table
3200 x 405 mm
Gross cut capacity
3200 mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence
1250 mm
Saw blade diameter
φ300 mm (φ250 - φ350)
Height of cut
80 mm
Diameter of guide shaft spindle
φ 500 mm
Speed of main saw spindle
3000/4000/5000 rpm
Main spindle diameter
φ 30 mm
Tilting saw blade
0 – 45 °
Main motor
5.5 KW
Scoring saw blade diameter
φ 120 mm
Speed of scoring saw blade
8000 r/Min
Scoring spindle diameter
φ 20 mm
Scoring motor
Net weight
770 KG
900 KG
Overall Dimensions
3250 x 3500 x 870 mm

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