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Multi Rip Saw Machine

Multi-blade saws allow pieces of wood to be cut in more than one location at the same time. Width cutting, which is often referred to as ripping, is combined with longitudinal cutting to make the first stage of wood processing faster and more efficient. A straight line or gang rip saw is a circular blade machine, usually of the radial design, used for cutting wood across and above the stock.

Multi Rip Saw Series RMS Outstanding Character:

  • Machine body and table are made of high-quality castings, after numerous aging and 5-axis CNC Precision machining. stable performance, high precision.
  • Conveyor belt and guide are adopted the special wear - resistant materials with a long life.
  • Spindles with high quality alloy material and imported bearings, precision machining, dynamic balancing processing, ensure stable and reliable operation.
  • Configure automatic oil lubrication system, with a lack of oil, oil leakage shutdown protection, effectively protect the guide rail, chain plate and main sliding parts.
  • Configuring dual top and bottom anti-rebound device and front safety door, effectively prevent the rebound in thin sections and tumour wounding.
  • Pressing device with electric lifting equipment, convenient to adjust and improve productivity.
  • Equipped high torque gear box for feeding, fit for a variety of materials, a variety of thickness of the wood processing requirements.
  • Power devices configured to open the front safety door after power failure to protect human and machine safety.
  • Feeding pressing wheels and bottom wheels are equipped for RMS400, smoothly feeding, precision increased.
  • Out feed assisted wheels to improve feeding performance for RMS400.
  • RMS400 equipped out ball bearings, electric components with international class, stable and reliable.


Specification & Model
Min Length of Working Piece(Install Short Pressure Board)
Min Length of Working Piece(Install Long Pressure Board)
Max Cutting Thickness(Install Short Pressure Board)
Max Cutting Thickness(Install Long Pressure Board)
Max Cutting Width
Max OD of Saw
Min OD of Saw
ID Size of Saw
Spindle Diameter
Spindle Speed
Spindle Motor
Lifting Motor
Feed Motor
Feed Speed(Stepless Variable to Feed)
Dust Outlet Diameter
Height of Word Table from the Floor
Work Table Dimension
Overall Size(L*W*H)(mm)
Net Weight(Kgs)

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