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Surface Planner

The Surface Planer (sometimes known as a Jointer) is used for planning one side and one face of solid timber straight and square to each other. It is an essential machine for all woodworking projects as the accuracy of your pieces depend on the squareness of your face edge and face side which is produced using this machine. The machine is hand-fed by a single operator and comes in a range of sizes to cater for all workshop needs. The surface planer can also be used for bevelling and chamfering with the help of additional jigs. A surface planer is designed with two tables, an infeed table and an outfeed table with a cutter block set between them. The infeed table is set fractionally lower than the outfeed table to take into account the material that is removed when the timber passes over the cutter block. Surface planers can utilise a range of cutter blocks including a wedge bar hold system, centrifugal block or spiral block.

Max.Planing Width
Max.Planing Depth
Spindle Speed
Number of Blades
Cutting Diameter
Total Length of Worktable
Motor Power
Motor Speed
Overall Dimensions
Net Weight

Our Featured Brands

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